Request to Establish Care as a New Patient
Thank you for your interest in our clinic!  Because we get more requests to establish care than we have availability, we ask that you fill out this request, thereby adding you to our waiting list.

If you are interested in Medical-Aid-In-Dying, please visit our website

Please check with your insurance company first before requesting to establish care to make sure we are in-network with your plan.  Next, check that we accept your insurance. Review our list of currently accepted insurances.  You can then return to this form to fill it out.

Please note at the bottom of this form you are asked to verify that you have checked that we are in-network with your plan.  This step is required and we cannot accept any patient without this verification. Although some insurance plans allow or require a patient to select a PCP as part of their enrollment process, you still have to go through our establishing care request to become an active patient.

What to expect at your First Appointment
When the practice manager contacts you, you can schedule your establishing care appointment.  This first appointment is to go over your personal health history, any medications you are currently taking, and family health history.  Physicals or preventative appointments will be scheduled after your first appointment.

Name of Prospective Patient: First:   Last:
Date of Birth:   ex:  1/21/1955
Street Address (no P.O. Boxes):
City, State Zip:
Cell Phone:
Insurance Company:
Insurance Product Name:
Member ID:
Group Number or ID:
Are you a referral? How did you find us?:
Please tell us anything that will help us match you with the best provider for your needs.  If you are submitting information for someone else, please provide your name, relationship and phone number:
I have checked with my insurance company and verified the clinic is in-network with my plan. I will be responsible for the amount of any services rendered not covered due to ineligibility.

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