Philosophy of Care 

What’s important to me is to take care of families the old fashioned way.  It means taking a little more time to see patients, but it's the only way to really understand people.  Whether you’re young or old, I want to know you as a person, what’s important to you. My goal to is to help bring optimal health to the top of your list.

Few people come into this world with a lucky golden ticket for their health. Can you imagine having everything in your life go perfectly right? For most of us, we make decisions on a daily basis that affect our futures and those around us.  Sometimes we get lucky and find good health, but most of us have to work at it.  And sometimes, there are things that we have no control over that impact us negatively.  Or we make decisions that we regret later.

When we are healthy we tend to forget that maintaining our health can be the difference between being happy and being miserable.  In sickness, we are reminded that illness affects everything we do, each of us differently and often profoundly. And the transition from health to disease can happen despite our sincere efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Or, like many people, if disease crept up on you, stealing away your vital energy and strength little by little, you now find yourself thinking about how you got to where you are.

I believe that, by attending to the whole person, most people can achieve the best life they were meant to live.  My passion is to help people by looking at all the options to live a healthy life and then helping them choose those that achieve that goal.

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