Wondering what your lifestyle and diet have to do with your health? Everything!   Most people understand that what they eat has a lot to do with how they feel.  What most of us might not know,however, is what exactly happens in the body when we eat certain foods and how those foods interact with the delicate balance of our human biochemistry.

Are you a food label reader? You might be surprised to find ingredients in the foods you eat that could be affecting your health in adverse ways.  One way we can better understand your particular sensitivities is through advanced testing that reveals subtleties in your immune system.  The tests we recommend to our patients are based on sound principles of biochemistry and understanding of human body systems.

Knowing if you do have food or environmental sensitivities can help you take control of your health, select the right foods and supplements to make your diet help you to be the best you can be.

Popular Diets
Weight-Loss Diets, Diabetes Diets, Heart Healthy Diets, Plant-Based Diets - Which one is right for you?  The only way to know for sure is to know what your body needs and what, if any, sensitivities you have.  Combining that knowledge with your unique circumstances, you can take more control of your health.  

Here at Longmont Integrative Family Practice, our integrative approach to your health care can help you find the best diet for your lifestyle. You won't find any cookie cutters in our office.  Dr. Weeman personally formulates a health plan for each patient that is customized based on each individual's unique circumstances. In addition to having experts in nutrition and lifestyle, we have experts on staff in psychotherapy, massage therapy, hypnotherapy and other disciples that help Dr. Weeman get you to your best health.

So what are you waiting for? Take a step towards better health!

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